Should Making Money in Your

August 4, 2021

Theophila Akpenyi-Hilary Today’s article is mainly directed towards Gen Z’s who have completed secondary education and were fortunate to start a business whether it is a salon, an

Dealing with Past Trauma: How

June 29, 2021

Theophila Akpenyi-Hilary Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or frightening event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope. It is caused by events where a person

The Need for the Provision

April 21, 2021

Comfort E. Ossom Social welfare is a set of humanitarian services provided to enable individuals and families, to cope with social issues pertaining to their living conditions. These

How to Promote an Enduring

April 21, 2021

We have to ask, have you picked up a book in the last month? two months? three? A year? You get what we mean. You need to develop your reading culture

What Makes A Great Volunteer?

April 9, 2021

Hi! For you to be here, we can only assume that you have gone through the processes antecedent to becoming a volunteer. Quickly rushing through, this would include

Gender Equality: Bridging the Gap

March 23, 2021

Elizabeth Olofin CEO, ThistlePraxis Consulting March 23, 2021 TPGF - IWD Photo 2019 #BalanceforBetter ‘Choose to Challenge’, the theme of the International Women’s Day 2021 celebrated on the

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September 24, 2019

Magdalene, a 12 year old girl from Taraba State lost her dad, three uncles, friends, freedom and the place she called home. Insurgent attacks on her village forced

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August 6, 2019

Jennifer, a 22-year old student in one of the colleges of education in Delta state is the second of six girls. Raised without a father figure because her

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July 23, 2019

In the course of our work with our beneficiaries, some of the girls revealed that they have had infections resulting from the use of unhygienic materials (like leaves,