Jennifer, a 22-year old student in one of the colleges of education in Delta state is the second of six girls. Raised without a father figure because her father abandoned his family, Jennifer had to endure a lot of hardship living with her mother and siblings.

After her parents’ separation in the year 2000, Jennifer dropped out of school and had to stay at home for 3 years. With feigned concern, her aunt asked her mother to release Jennifer to stay with her promising to care for and send her to school. However, while in the aunt’s house Jennifer was not attending a proper school for 2 years, but was enrolled in a compound lesson because she was saddled with domestic chores at home. Jennifer’s mum discovered the true state of her daughter’s situation when she came visiting and decided to take Jennifer away from her aunt’s place.

Many times Jennifer and her siblings had to go about begging for food to eat each day. Her mother struggled hard, selling petty items like tomatoes, pepper and rice just to make ends meet.  While out-of-school, Jennifer had hawked tomatoes to support her mum and make a little more money for their sustenance.

Till date, Jennifer’s mum takes care of all six children through her sweat, the help of her parents, the church and good Samaritans.

Jennifer was selected as one of the Foundations’ beneficiaries in 201. We are proud of her and can’t wait for her graduation in a few months’ time. She wants to become a teacher to help empower other children. Jenifer still helps her mum trade after school and during her leisure but with her degree almost in her hand, we believe she is set to do great things…

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