We have to ask, have you picked up a book in the last month? two months? three? A year? You get what we mean. You need to develop your reading culture if you don’t have the page of a book bookmarked right now. 

Reading comes with a lot of benefits. It broadens your horizon and aids mental stimulation to see places you’ve never been to and experience situations you have never been in. It proves a good way to relax after a hard day at work but it also helps develop your memory and improve focus and concentration. If you’re lucky, (hint: the luck is in picking up a book) you get stronger analytical skills too.

So, with all these benefits, what could be the problem?

Right, habits are tough to start and maintain. We get it.

So, because we get it, trust us to be here to help in your new journey. In the article below, we would take you through various ways to build an enduring reading culture, and maybe when we are all done, you can enlist a family member or friend.

Without further ado, let us get right into it.

1)                Book Clubs

Book Clubs can take various forms. It could be part of the extracurricular in school, an open online book club, a fun activity at various workplaces, or a nice activity among friends.

A book club involves coming together to agree on books to read for a stated period, followed by a discussion to analyse and talk.

Not only does it count as a very fun experience, but it also involves engaging the mind and analysing text read. It also allows you to hear the diverse views and opinions of others as this may broaden your scope and understanding in terms of varying pressing topics. The best part is that you do not have to wait or do much searching and digging because why not start one yourself?

2)                Partnering with Libraries

Yes, we know, the boring old library but is really what that great store of knowledge is? From books and articles ranging from fiction to history, you can bury your head in all its intellectual beauty.

But alas, other responsibilities get in the way of spending half of the day in a library. However, nothing stops your workplace or school from partnering with one. Agreeing on specified books and genres, terms and conditions could be made with a library to make it easier to access these books. 

This solution brings the books to your work desk or school table. Bring up the idea today with your supervisor or teacher and if we have some supervisors or CEOs in the house, here is a great idea to look into.

3)                Parents Reading to Their Kids from an Early Age

Who doesn’t love a good bedtime story? If you never experienced that, that’s perfectly fine however, what’s stopping you from going to your kid’s bedroom right now and reading them a good story? Nothing, that’s the only right answer.

Engaging in this activity with little ones would not only create beautiful memories but also help in engaging their minds from an early age. Eventually, reading would come naturally to them, and hence an enduring reading culture is born. Furthermore, why prevent children from the thrills of enjoying a really good book?

Lastly, we understand that life can get in the way and there’s always one deliverable or the other but the long-term benefits do speak for themselves. Another fun tip would involve taking turns. Why can’t your kid read you a story or a book once in a while? 

4)                Having Reading Programmes 

This is another fun activity that can be helpful in offices, communities, families among many other social gatherings. This solution does not need to be as frequent as the previous options but allows for a big preparation. The programmes can involve review competitions, games, quizzes, and many fun activities. 

Not only does it give an event to look forward to, it involves getting gifts and awards while also bonding. Don’t you think this would be a good addition?

5)                Companies and Schools Encouraging a Book Every Month

This might come off as another task you need to accomplish added to the large pile of files on your desk, or maybe you cannot wrap your head around how you to finish your term work, not to talk of an added book but hear us out. 

Habits are hard to start and maintain, picking up a book might never cross your mind amid life’s troubles but now, you have a community to read with. 

A couple of pages with your morning coffee, in your school buses, taxies, or waiting for meetings would make all the difference.

So, if various workplaces and schools encourage one book a month with a discussion at the end of the same month, it might prove both a worthy challenge and a brilliant escape from reality as you know it. 

What could be more amazing?


We have come to the end of your journey with you. We hope you understand the importance of reading but have also found a new love and value for an enduring reading culture. 

Furthermore, with World Book and Copyright Day on its way on the 23rd of April, what other day is more appropriate than today?

So, tell a friend, a family member, your classmate, your colleague, anybody, and read a book together today.

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